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St. Apollonia – Better Than a Tooth Fairy By Amy Freeman

Do you know what is special about February 9th? It is the feast day of St. Apollonia, the patron saint of dentists.

the most reliable and contemporary historical account about St.Apollonia is from Eusebius’s records a letter from Dionysius,  bishop of Alexandria, written around 249 A. D. (1). In it we read that men seized Apollonia because of her Christian faith and “by repeated blows broke all her teeth (1).” then a woodpile was built and the men “threatened to burn her alive is she refused to repeat after them impious words…Given at her own request, a little freedom, she sprang quickly into the fire and was burned to death (1).”

Because of the nature of the torture she endured rather than deny her faith, St.Apollonia became the special intercessor for those with tooth troubles (and, naturally, the patron saint of dentists). Surely this saint was much called upon for her prayers during medieval days, when the only real solution for an abscessed tooth was to pull it out-without anesthesia.

St.Apollonia may be called upon for prayers in any situation in life, but particularly when dentists treat patients. She is the special intercessor and patroness of dentists, far more powerful than any tooth fairy.

When her feast day comes around on February 9th, dentists should feel pretty special.


1. Kirsch, Johann Peter. “St.Apollonia.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol1. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1907.19 Jan. 2011.


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2 responses to "St. Apollonia – Better Than a Tooth Fairy By Amy Freeman"

  • Chin says:

    if i hadn’t take up Dentistry i would have never known who she is, and how important she is. i didn’t know that there was a Saint in Dentistry and knowing what had happened to her, how she would not renounce her Christianity. She instantly became a new Hero to me :)

    thanks for the information about Saint Apollonia:)

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