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Can your saliva tell your real age?

Saliva: Your Real Age Detector? by Sophie S. BenvenutiFile:The taking of a saliva sample.jpg

Can your saliva tell your real age? If geneticists at UCLA have it correct, saliva is very accurate in revealing a person’s bio-age! So, it looks like there’s about to be a new saying in town, “You’re only as old as your spit!”

Apparently, geneticists used a very keen method of detecting a person’s bio-age, their real age, by a process called methylation, a “chemical modification of one of the four building blocks that make up our DNA.”

After testing a slew of subjects, the geneticists found that they were able to correctly predict a person’s age within five years – which is highly accurate!

A person’s bio-age is the age of the body versus their chronological age, the person’s age in years. Now, when someone says they feel older than their age, there’s probably some truth to that. And, with the test, doctors can confirm those feelings.

So, why is this research so important? Well, for starters, the test could be used as a forensic tool to calculate the age of a criminal suspect. Or, doctors could use the method to help patients manage and possibly prevent age-related illness and diseases. Many people can agree, that test can revolutionize how patients are treated in the future!

To be able to predict and manage an illness years before it happens is about as good as it gets for people who want to stay healthy! Readers, share your thoughts. What do you think about this break-through? Does it sound too techy to be real?

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