Pulling Baby Teeth

WE AREN’T QUITE SURE WHY PARENTS DECIDE TO MAKE VIDEOS like the one below. Maybe with everyone trying to get a little fame online they figure this is a good idea, but is it really?

Ok, all YouTube and internet aside, have you ever wondered what’s best to do with your child’s loose tooth? Do you ever ask yourself if you should let them fall out naturally, let the child pull them, or just pull them yourself?

Through all the years talking about people’s teeth, we’ve heard many opinions about loose baby teeth. We have also had our share of questions from concerned parents. While the final decisions are for you to make, we have a few basic tips Rivercrest Dental shares with patients who ask.

  1. Dr. Barber and Dr. Lee both agree on an overall main point… Don’t pull your children’s teeth out. There is no way to know exactly how secure their tooth is, and how painful it might be feeling to them. It is better to encourage them to pull out the tooth themselves by wiggling it with their fingers or tongue. In addition to letting them feel how loose it is, they also know how much discomfort they’re able and willing to take.
  2. If your kid has waited long enough to pull it out, there shouldn’t be much bleeding. For any bleeding that may occur, pack a small piece of wet gauze and hold pressure for a few minutes.
  3. There are times, as a permanent tooth pushes the baby tooth out, the new tooth will push the baby tooth in an unusual direction forward that effects the gums. If that happens, and you have a questions about it, contact our office. It may be best to have us help pull the tooth. This is actually quite rare.
  4. Sometimes by waiting longer, the tooth may come out unexpectedly when your child is eating. Although not usual, the tooth can be swallowed. Don’t worry! It’s very unlikely that he or she will choke on it. Sure, the tooth fairy might be a bit disappointed, but your child will be fine.
  5. Sometimes, if the tooth is loose enough, your child might consider eating a fresh, crisp apple to help the process without pulling.

So, there you go! Thoughts from our office about your children losing their baby teeth. One thing’s for sure…Don’t try creating your YouTube “fifteen minutes of fame” by risking harm to your child. First, it’s not likely to make you famous. Second, it’s just kinda dumb. And most important, it isn’t worth a bad experience to your child.

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Thank you again for being our valued patients and friends.

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