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Flossing made easy with GumChucks

Funner Flossing

We as a practice are always trying to find ways for you and your family to take care of your oral health and needs easier! We recently came across a new gadget called GumChucks! They resemble mini nunchucks. They are easy to hold for kiddos, teenagers, adults, and even people with arthritis! Pretty soon here in December they will be coming out with some called Orth Gami and they will be specifically for people in braces! We can’t wait to get those in stock!

Most cavities start in between the teeth due to a lack of flossing. The bacteria found in a cavity is shown to be contagious and can migrate from tooth to tooth.¬† The average cost of treating a cavity is $220! That’s a lot of money. That could be a small family trip some where like Seaworld! Anywhere but the dentist chair right? So being preventive and keeping your teeth not only brushed, but flossed regularly, will not only save you time, money, and stress. Did you know that eliminating gum disease can add 6.5¬†years to your life or a loved one? Also please don’t forget that gum disease is directly linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure and other life threatening systemic illnesses.

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