Connections Between Oral Health and Heart Disease

IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE ANY OF OUR OTHER PATIENTS HERE AT RIVERCREST FAMILY DENTAL, you want to take the best possible care of your heart, right? Of course! Did you know that a simple toothbrush ranks right up there with a membership at your local gym at keeping you healthy? Well, it’s true! According to Dr. Barber, “There are a number of recent studies that suggest heart problems and many additional health issues are DIRECTLY related to gum disease.”

People who have periodontal disease are nearly twice as likely to have heart disease. Many studies have found that common oral health problems, including missing teeth, gingivitis, and/or cavities are just as accurate at predicting heart disease as are bad cholesterol levels! Can you believe it?!

While there’s still a LOT MORE to discover about these connections, the evidence continues to increase every year. Dr. Lee adds, “Bacteria in your mouth can enter your bloodstream through your gums and then clump up in artery plaques. Studies have recently suggested that they then stick to the fatty plaques in your bloodstream, directly contributing to blockages.”

The natural response of inflammation is another theory that revolves around your body’s defenses against bacteria. Oral bacteria traveling through your bloodstream can also cause your blood cells to swell and lead to clot risks and the narrowing of arteries.

While the EXACT connection between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease are still uncertain, today’s research continues to suggest that there is definitely a connection. However, don’t use this as an opportunity to ignore all the other ways in which you can keep your heart healthy! Keep eating well, exercise regularly, and take care of risk factors like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

AND—Don’t take Rivercrest Family Dental for granted. Set up an appointment today so we can keep your mouth healthy! PREVENTION NOW is the best way to avoid problems in the future.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask. We love visiting with you—our friends and patients.

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2 responses to "Connections Between Oral Health and Heart Disease"

  • Jim says:

    This is some pretty serious information. It just goes to show that what is harmful for one part of the body may very well be harmful to the other parts as well. That is why it is so important to stay healthy, and of course, as far as dental care goes, to have highly qualified dental professional care.

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