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Smoking and your oral health

     Everyone knows smoking is bad for you. It’s bad for your lungs, it’s bad for your heart, your bones, and ages your skin rapidly. But do you know how serious and detrimental smoking or chewing tobacco products are for your oral health? We’re talking about oral cancer. Studies according to the American Cancer society show that 90 percent of oral cancer patients have used tobacco p

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The Tooth Fairy

Do you know where the Tooth Fairycame from? Or what it is called in other countries? In Italy the Tooth Fairy is often called Fatina Topino, The little Tooth Fairy mouse. In France it is the little mouse, or La Petite Souris. But not all cultures put their precious baby tooth under their pillow. Depending on your culture, you might have thrown the tooth toward the sun, or put it in a glass of wate

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